METALIQS provides independent consulting service, serving clients in the steel industries and markets. METALIQS provides top quality services in strategy consulting, market research and business planning & business modeling, entirely dedicated to the carbon steel sector.

We have extensive experience in the markets for all main steel products, covering steelmaking raw materials, semis, sheet, longs, plate, and tubes. In addition, we have a deep understanding of the main end-use industries that consume steel, in particular automotive, construction, appliances and packaging.


Market studies

Through its extensive contact base and its expertise of the industry, METALIQS has a unique capability to conduct thorough market studies on any steel product or steelmaking raw material.

Whether you are looking to enter new markets, to find new clients, to do your business planning or to assess the feasibility of a new investment or acquisition, we can provide short, medium and long term forecasts for prices, consumption, production, imports and exports, for any product, in any part of the world.

Our research methodology is robust, taking into account macro-economic developments, end-use sector growth, substitution effects and net capacity changes in the industry

Our working method is typically based on a combination of desk research, phone-based interviews, and field research.


Strategic Consulting

METALIQS can assist you in making the right strategic decisions to ensure your success in the future. We will help you to better understand the strategic drivers that are changing your market and competitive arena and to choose the best strategy for your company.

Scope examples include Mergers & Acquisitions, geographical and/or product market entry, backward and forward integration.

Complemented by thorough, extensive analysis of your end-use markets, clients, competitors and suppliers SteelConsult will present, discuss and refine its conclusions at each stage of the process.

We normally develop a number of strategic scenarios and options which are discussed and selected in close co-operation with the client at each stage of the process.

Strategic consulting combines all METALIQS’s capabilities in creative strategic thinking, market analysis and cost, and financial analysis.


Economics analysis


METALIQS has in-depth knowledge of the economics of iron and steelmaking. METALIQS has developed a unique techno-economic business planning model, which is tailored to companies and processes in the iron and steel industry. Our model allows detailed, transparent and integrated insight into your operations, your cash flows and production costs.


Our model distinguishes itself by:

Point Attention to plant operations:

our model is based on a bottom-up analysis of all production lines including material flows, capacities, yield factors, scrap, energy credits and so on. Other models are usually limited to top-down analysis of balance sheet, P&L account, and cash flow statement;


Point Comprehensiveness:

markets, market shares, prices, processes, capacities, investments, costs and financial parameters are all interlinked, showing effects of changes in one part of the company in all other parts of the company;


Point Transparency:

the model has been designed to remain as simple and transparent as possible. The model is organized process by process and follows the product flow of the company. There is a clear distinction between input fields and (automatic) calculations. Summary sheets and charts provide a quick overview of key parameters;


Point Flexibility:

allowing for easy sensitivity and scenario analysis.

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